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Welcome to our store!

Every day we select the best bricks to give our customers a big smile while expanding, completing, or maintaining their beloved Lego hobby.

Like you, we have a great passion for the colourful Danish bricks with endless possibilities. So we know what you expect to receive when you order new or used bricks and sets on BrickOwl. Quality bricks, neatly packed with care and great service if there might be any issues regarding your order.

On top of this page, you can find our navigation menu to clarify our terms and answer most of your questions.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

We are a registered company at The Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 86036637


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Pay your orders in our store using the IDeal, SOFORT Banking, Giropay, or Bancontact payment options in the check-out, or with the link in your invoice.




Currently, there are no promotions available.


Of course, you can always check out our store since year-round we do offer you:

  Fast processing & shipment of all your orders
  No payment method fees
  Below 6-months average pricing
  Top-quality items
  Great aftersales services


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