Order & Payment

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Order & Payment

Currently, you can pay for your order in our store with the following payment methods.

  • PayPal
  • Creditcard
  • IDEAL (NL only)
  • Bancontact (BE only)
  • GiroPay (DE only)
  • SOFORT (DE, AT, BE, IT & ES only)
  • IBAN (Bank transfer)


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Always double check your shipping address before submitting your order and/or payment! Re-shipment—after your order was returned due to incomplete or wrong address information—will always be charged. Any loss of shipments due to incomplete or wrong address information provided will not be covered by customer protection and/or refunded.

No orders are picked before payment. You can add parts after placing an order through our store before payment (Order status; Pending/Ready/Updated). This will automatically result in an update to your current order. Please wait for a new invoice after adding parts to your order before completing payment, since shipping costs may vary depending on the total weight of your order.

When your payment is received your payment status will be changed into "completed".

Completing your payment through PayPal or Creditcard finalizes your order. This means your order cannot be changed, edited or expanded from this point on. Ordering any new parts through our store after payment will result in a combining fee of €1 & possible extra shipping costs (if the total weight of the combined orders requires a higher shipping rate).

Payments with PayPal without (enough) funds on your PayPal account, can take longer to process. If PayPal needs clearance from your bank, this process can take a couple of days or more. The necessary money will be reserved on your account but no payment will be made until PayPal has authorized the funds on your bank account. These orders will be shipped as soon as PayPal has authorized your payment and has notified us of clearance.

If we haven't received the payment of your order within 7 days after the order was invoiced, we will send a reminder for payment through BrickOwl and a second invoice with all details on how to pay for your order. If we haven't received a response or payment within 2 days after the reminder, an NPB procedure will be initiated. If you have any trouble with fulfilling your payment obligations, you can always contact us for a suitable solution or request to postpone your payment obligations for a limited time. A completed NPB will always result in negative feedback if there is no cooperation on resolving the payment issue from the customer's side.


Custom forms like CN22 and CN23 are always filled in truthfully for orders leaving the EU. Please be aware that your local customs agency can charge additional costs or taxes if applicable to delivery. All additional costs on import are at the buyer's expense. More information on import costs usually can be found on the website of your local customs agency.Last Updated: 5 Nov 2021