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Q: Why are the shipping costs higher than the value of the stamps on my envelope?

A: If you live in, or ship your order to, a fellow member of the EU VAT zone, we have to apply 21% VAT on top of the actual stamp value (Dutch stamps are VAT-free for non-commercial transactions). This means the shipping rate will be 21% higher than the value stated on the stamp of the packaging of your order.

Furthermore, there is a €1 packaging & handling fee included in the shipping cost of each order.

Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: The shipping costs of your order depend on the weight of your order, the number of parts (volume) and the shape of the parts in your order and the country to which they need to be shipped. We have no insight into your cart before placing a quote request or an order. So, unfortunately, we can't help you by asking us this by email.

You can find most of our shipping rates here and they are usually shown during check out.

If you would like to know the exact shipping costs before placing your order, please select the option "request quote" in the checkout. After we have received your quote request, we will select the best (and cheapest) shipping option for you and send you a quote of the grand total. You can cancel this quote without any obligations, or accept the quote which will automatically place the order.

Q: Why is my quote cancelled?

A: A quote will expire automatically if the deadline for acceptance is met or if the items are sold out before accepting the quote.

Q: Can you falsify the customs forms for a lower value of the contents?

A: No! We never falsify any customs forms or other official documents. We run a respected and trustworthy business. Customs documents are a part of our record-keeping and will always match the corresponding order. Requests about forgery will be respectfully ignored and can lead to a ban from our store.

Q: Pieces are missing from my order, what should I do?

A: Please check our problems page for more information.

Q: My order hasn't arrived yet, what should I do?

A: If you have selected a shipping method with tracking (which we highly recommend!), always check the corresponding tracking information. Tracking information can be found in our "shipping confirmation" email or is provided separately by the postal service by email. Note that international or intercontinental shipments can take a while and tracking isn't always updated daily. If you still experience difficulties after a few days, check our problems page for information on how to contact us. Shipments without tracking are not traceable at any stage of the process and will be considered lost in the post after double the number of usual transit days.

Q: I can't check out my order, why?

A: Usually, this means your order doesn't comply with our average lot value.

The average lot value is currently €0.75. This means the total order value divided by the lot count should always be €0.75 or more. If your order doesn't meet the average lot value, this usually is easily resolved by ordering a higher amount of the same parts, or adding a higher value lot (for example that Minifigure you are still missing) to raise the average value of your order.

No exceptions are made regarding the average lot value based on individual cases. Of course, we are always trying to improve and evaluate our efficiency as much as possible, so we can perhaps process smaller value orders in the future.Last Updated: 5 Nov 2021