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Every once in while it can happen that a part is missing from your order, isn't in the condition you expected or gets damaged during shipping. Don't hesitate to contact us for a proper solution.
Depending on your location and the part value, the value will be refunded or the part(s) will be shipped to you.

The color of some parts may vary on different batches or if parts come from a different era. Especially with used parts color variation can occur. But recently we've noticed a slight change in color on new parts as well.

Our used bricks are checked on quality with great care. Bricks with bite-marks or cracks don't make their way into our store. Any normal playwear such as light scratches can occur on used bricks. Even though we have a high standard with used bricks, we only recommend using them for replacement parts for old(er) sets, to be played with (by children), or for hidden builds in projects.

New parts are parted-out of sets and thus are never been used for playing or building. However, small scratches or dents can occur since Lego® (usually) doesn't pack parts separately. For special collections or presentations/projects we always recommend using new bricks.

If you receive a new (sealed) set and parts are missing, deformed or damaged, please contact your local Lego® customer service for replacement parts.

Last Updated: 8 Sep 2020